The Ultimate History of Video Games

The Ultimate History of Video Games

I remember as child sitting down at the television and playing the Atari for hours. There were more cords coming out of it than the televisions and there was hardly any sound and yet is was awesome.

If you are in your mid-30’s, then you were there at the height of the video game craze and watched is constantly ebb and flow as new games and game systems came into being. We started with Atari, moved to Nintendo to watch Mario save the princess over and over again, switched to Sega because is had 16-bits and then were amazed when Sony debuts is Playstation and then Microsoft kicked tail with the Xbox.

The Ultimate History of Video games helps you fill in the gaps about what happened to all your favorite games, developers and game systems from year to year. How did Sega go from being the top dog to the re headed step child of the video game world?

Can you believe that Nintendo was nearly on the verge of bankruptcy and how a single game brought them back from the brink? Anyone that has spent hours playing the Nintendo Entertainment System and was frustrated by how hard Ghosts and Goblins actually was or wants to why Sega stopped making game systems to instead be a third party developer will love this book.

It takes you from the very beginning to the beginning of the 21st Century without pulling any punches. The authors talked to hundreds of insiders to put this ultimate compendium together.