Strategy Guides: Paper Versus Digital

Strategy Guides: Paper Versus Digital


As soon as the first video games began being developed, people needed help getting through them. They didn't like 

having to spend the time figuring out the best methods to kill a particular boss or get through a difficult puzzle.

I remember looking up the solutions to puzzles on “The Seventh Guest” and searching through the pages of the “Final Fantasy” strategy guide. Since moving into the digital age, gamers have the ability to choose between the well-written, and often expensive, strategy guides in stores or read the many text-based guides on the Internet.

I have used both over the years, and each has its own set of pros and cons. The free text-based guides or walkthroughs are often done by fans of the game who have spent hundreds of hours pouring over every inch of a game and simply put their best practices into a book. They can often be flawed or incomplete, but they're free, so what are you complaining about?

The professional guides are often made with the help of the game's developers. They are filled with high quality images and step by step instructions. There is literally not one secret left in these games. Their primary downfall is the cost.

My closet is filled with the strategy guides of every Final Fantasy game ever made, and that's because I love those games. If you really care about a game and want to experience it on every level, buy the strategy guide. If you just need help killing one boss or getting through an area, use the walk-throughs.