The Official Price Guide To Collectible Card Games

The Official Price Guide To Collectible Card Games

When I was in college, I started my obsession with collectible card games. I had Star Trek, Werewolf, X-Men and many many more. The 90's were the golden age of collectible card games and everyone was making them.

Today's card games pale in comparison to the days of old. Through the years, I have picked up cards and card packs from eBay and other places to help complete and expand my sets that started more than a decade ago.

I have book after book filled to the brim with cards and I had no idea how much they were worth. They were in pristine shape and perfect condition, but had more than a decade to gain worth. Hundreds and thousands of cards all sitting collecting dust in my closet. I would break them out every now and then to add to them or for nostalgia's sake.

The Official Price Guide To Collectible Card Games is a resource that every card collector of 90's card games needs to have handy. Like all price guides, they values change with time, but at least you can get an idea based on real research. It's a lot quicker than looking every card up on eBay.

I have no plans on selling my card collection in my lifetime, but it's nice to know that spending $3 on a card pack in 1998 had some positive dividends. Sure, I'll probably never see the hundreds of dollars I've spent over the years, but it's not about the money. It's about the collecting.