Final Fantasy: You Need a Book

Final Fantasy: You Need a Book

I have never been a big fan of cheating at video games. There have always been books and cheats that have been 

exploited for the sake of getting to the end, but some games the world is too expansive that a book to help you find every little thing is a necessity.

Final Fantasy is a group of role playing games developed first by Squaresoft and then by Square Enix. The games routinely can take more than 100 hours of gameplay to complete and that without finding every last little thing...and therein lies the problem.

It not that difficult to finish the main game because everything is pretty linear, but that main storyline is only a small part of the whole game. There are summoned beings that can be found using side quests amazing weapons that are only found after arduous journeys. Each games has an accompanied book that you can purchase that literally has every little last secret in the game.

I have bought this book for every game and have kept it near me the entire time I was playing. It outlines when and where to get everything and the best way to do it. While I know many people may consider this cheating, I consider it good game play. These games are expensive and I want to get my money's worth out of them. I am going to keep buying these books for every Final Fantasy games and I suggest you do as well.