Final Fantasy XIII Strategy Guide

Final Fantasy XIII Strategy Guide

Final Fantasy has been a staple of video gaming since the original Nintendo Entertainment System. It has become the flagship of role playing games with eye-popping graphics and more than 100 hours of gameplay.

The main role playing games of the series have long been a franchise of Playstation, but Final Fantasy XIII was the first to be released both on Playstation and Xbox 360. There is an official strategy guide for the game available in stores and It is designed to provide every single secret the game has to offer, so players can get maximum playability.

Final fantasy games have never been extremely difficult. They are all rather linear on the main plot, but they are filled with tons of extra quests and special weapons that are only available if you go off the primary quest and do some roaming.

This game proved no different, but the linearity was a major fault this time. A player almost doesn't need any kind of playing guide to find the majority of secrets, but since I have a collection of strategy guides dating back to Final Fantasy VII I had to make sure and complete my collection.

I thought this was a good complement to the game even if their secrets weren't hidden as much this time around. I don't know if they had to hurry in order to get it out to both platforms or what, but this game just seemed a little flat. Lets hope it's sequel proves to be better.