The Complete Book of Beer Drinking Games

The Complete Book of Beer Drinking Games

College. It’s the first taste of adult freedom, and that flavor usually has a fair amount of hops in it. Sure, we’d like to pretend that we were all there for the learning—at least in front of our parents and children—but anyone who’s spent a few years living the college life knows that beer is tied to at least a few fond, or embarrassing, memories.

There aren’t many college students who got through the university experience without playing a drinking game or four. They’re just as much a rite of passage as midterm and final exams.

When it comes to drinking games, my buddies and I always stuck to beer as our drink of choice. The hard stuff is too expensive and, well, from a responsibility standpoint is pretty dangerous. It’s not fun if someone gets hurt. Makes a fool of himself? Duh…that’s the whole point.

The problem with beer drinking games is if you don’t have some really creative friends, the number of games available is limited. Luckily, there are books available that can provide you with tons of fun beer drinking games, so every party is a new opportunity to embarrass yourself and your guests.

If you’re looking for a good book of fun drinking games, The Complete Book of Beer Drinking Games by Scott Johnston, Andy Griscom and Ben Rand is probably just what you need. There are over 50 games in this book and each comes with great drawings and a ton of entertainment value. Just don’t try to play them all in one night.