The Columbus Book of Euchre

The Columbus Book of Euchre

I had never even heard of Euchre until I hit college and then it became an obsession and past time that has endured through the years. When I first heard about it, I had no idea how to play. I watched as these two teams talked about bowers and jacks and was completely lost.


As the weeks went by, I began to finally understand and play the game, but it was the messy way of doing things. I learned by doing and lacked any real training on the rules and axioms of the game. I did this throughout college and it was fine.


Once I was out of college and found myself in the real world of Euchre tournaments, I didn't stand a chance. I knew the barroom version of Euchre and not the formal version. That's why I picked up the Columbus Book of Euchre and learned everything I would ever need to know.


It not only taught me the various rules of the game, many of which were ignored in college, but also the various strategies that I had never thought about. I had several Ah-Ha moments in this book when I simply thought, why did I think of that. Many of the subtle nuances of the game are so obvious, but unless they are pointed out to you are just outside your grasp.


It took a few weeks of reading and intense game play for me to get a full handle on everything, but soon I was one of the top players. I can honestly say that without this book, I would not have become half the Euchre player I am today.