Chess Guides: Start Them Early

Chess Guides: Start Them Early


When I was a kid, I was completely enamored with the game of chess. It took me a while to learn the names of the 

pieces and how they moved, but eventually I figured it out and tried my hand at playing. Chess is the kind of game that has an air of mystery about it.

People have been playing it for centuries and there are hundreds of books about strategy and manipulation. My problem was I never had the instruction about that strategy. I knew how the pieces moved, but I never learned about planning moves ahead of time, so I just kind of played by the seat of my pants.

That roughly translated to I lost a lot. I was thrilled when my own children showed an interest in the game, but I didn't want them to have the same difficulties that I did as a child. I purchased “Chess for Children” as a way to help them understand the basics of the game and help them understand about strategy.

Even as an adult I play by the seat of my pants, so a few months after my children read the book, they were soundly trouncing me. I don't mind being beaten because chess is a great game to learn and can help with problem solving when they get older.

I can honestly say that “Chess for Children” was a great resource for my children. I hope my children's love of chess continues for years to come. My oldest has already joined the school's chess club and competes in tournaments and his little brothers aren't too much farther behind him.