Bowling: How To Master The Game

Bowling: How To Master The Game

I grew up in a small town, and the one activity that everyone loved to do from an early age was bowling. The local bowling alley was the happening place on Friday night and it's where families went to have a good time on Saturday.

I admit that I was a pretty good bowler, but I could never break that 200 barrier. I tried everything, but nothing I did could help me go higher the 199. When I looked at the probowlers and saw their stance and how they were able to throw the ball with such force and make it hook into the pins, I was amazed.

It wasn't until I picked up “Bowling: How To Master The Game” by probowler Parker Bohn III that I truly began to understand the game. It's more than just throwing a ball down the lane. There are many factors that can influence the spin, speed and direction of the ball from the conditions of the lane and ball to you own arm movements.

Bohn tells you exactly how to create the skid-roll-hook strike, shot trajectory and spin control that the pros use. He shows you the best way to hit the splits and pick up the spares. The book contains pictures that outline every move and makes sure you understand the techniques.

By the time you are done with this book, you'll know the perfect form for throwing strikes and your teammates, and opponents, will just stare in wonder. I am proud to say that because of this book, I not only smashed the 200 barrier, but bowled my first, and as yet only, 300 game. I am nowhere near the pro level, but it's enough to impress the locals and make me the envy of the alley.