Book Versus Doing

Book Versus Doing


When I think about learning something like a sport by book, I can't help but go back to “The Karate Kid.” Daniel is trying to learn karate via a book, but gets is butt kicked by the bad guys who get their training in a dojo.

It's one thing to learn the ins and outs of a card game via a book or getting the basics down, but if you truly want to master a sport of game, then you need to get out there and actually play it. There are many movies out there that have the nerdy guys looking thought books and learning how to do things and then they can do it perfectly on the field.

In reality, that's not possible. You can learn how to throw a curve ball in a book, but getting on the mound and throwing one to a batter is completely different. Every ball is different, you need to learn control, there could be wind adjustment and a million other variables that you won't know about until you get out there and do it.

I can learn about all the write moves for playing chess, but until I get out there against an opponent, I'm untested. Books assume the other player plays a certain way. What would happen if you go against someone that doesn't play that way? You'll be lost because you expect them to act one way and they do the opposite. It's only through experience will you be able to adapt to a changing situation.

Books are great for static situations, but ones where there are a ton of variables that can change the outcome, there is no substitute for experience. It's only through a mix of education and practice can you truly succeed.